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Welcome to BlissfulHouse.com, the Wellness site for Organization and Cleaning and now BlissfulHouse Coaching. Using aromatherapy cleansers, Blissful House Cleaning offers non-toxic cleaning services and organizational guidance to help people improve their experience in their own homes.

Enjoy your home? Like it organized and clean. Let Blissful House bring you cleaning as a way of life and receive aromatherapy as a side benefit. Our American Made cleaning products create a safe and clean atmosphere for you to safely and blissfully enjoy your home.

Through all this we developed a better way of thinking for every part of your life and we adapted that into BlissfulHouse Coaching. A little odd, perhaps, but after being a VP of an Ad Agency on Madison Ave, the head of the PTO, mother of three… and finally a cleaning lady, I have a bit of experience and a whole heck of a lot of moxie. You might find some coaching to be the missing link. Give us a shout. Most are glad they did. http://blissfulhouse.com/coaching-by-blissfulhouse/

“Harnessing the intent to clean – the physical removal of unwanted elements of our space – combined with some really healthful products/cleansers is a rewarding experience.” Savitree Kaur , Founder of Blissful Home Products™.


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