• Ready for a new way of looking at things? And can you work a new way of thinking into your belief system?

• Committed to making a real change in life direction? Commitment not to give up on the new path like a fad diet, or a like a young puppy with a ball. Change means effort, I am seeking seekers!

• Want to feel good every day?  I know how to feel good. That’s me right after I became and American Citizen a few years ago. I’ll show an easy way to feel good most of the time by doing one little thing regularly.

• Willing to really ‘learn’ how to think? Your mind is the most powerful computer in the universe and yet people put more care into their vacation plans. Take a moment to think, if you change the way I say to… AND IT WORKS, won’t you be irritated you resisted for so long?  If this resonates, make the call.


Sign up for a free call with Isela Marin-O’Brien founder of Blissful House. Maybe you know about the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, affirmations….and maybe that’s not working likely because you are missing one simple strategy.  I can show you how I figured it out and then many pieces may come together for you like they did for me. Look, I am not in a cult or religion, I am in the mind expansion business, and your possible results are limitless if you learn how to think.  Want to know more?

FILL OUT THE FORM AND MAKE THE 1st STEP! (The phone call with me is free). I have helped  dozens of folks, ages 16 to 68,  find a better way to think.  It’s your mind, your time, your life. You might just excel if you tune up your mind…Sign up!

Get 2 Free EBOOK Downloads with every sign up: (And you will read if you’re in my world)

1. “Prayer and The Art of Believing” by Neville Goddard

2. “Ask and it is Given” by Abraham Hicks

I know what it is like to be: a new immigrant to this country, a VP of an Ad Agency on Madison Ave, the head of the PTO, a mother of three, a business owner, a naturalized American Citizen… and yes, even a cleaning lady, so I have a bit of experience here on the planet and a lot of experience responding to change. What I also have is a rich plate full of blissful ideas and strategies to help you like I helped myself. You can have so much in this life but you have to learn HOW to think! I can help you do that!

Through all this life’s journey I developed a better way, an organized way, of thinking for every part of your life and we adapted that into our BlissfulHouse Coaching system.  Imagine, finding out coaching about YOUR THINKING was the missing link to all of your desires being achieved. It’s really quite simple to think right, so give us a call and learn more. We’ll talk and see if we have some common ground and a way to work together. With your approach to life changed then your dreams and aspirations are easily attained.  Yes it is that simple.  Make the first free call. Life is about change…Get a move on! (It’s a free call & it won’t hurt.)

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