Isela Marin-O’Brien is a mother, wife, ad executive, producer, wellness guru, friend, sister, volunteer and so much more.  In the process of finding her way to Vermont~ from Belize~ by way of Chicago and New York, Isela has developed many skills and has many observations and systems she has collected along the way. With all three kids out of the house, she is now available and motivated to help others.

Working at FCB Advertising in NY City, Isela was VP, manager of New Business.  She was at the heart of the pitch for AT&T, US Post Office, Nabisco/Oreo and so many more worldwide brands.  She worked closely with executives in all tiers of the multinational agency and developed a reputation for no nonsense work ethic and endless energy.

After 9-11 Isela and her husband left NY and raised their three children in Vermont.  Never missing a beat, Isela became super-mom and headed up the PTO, supported sports teams, scouting and did many other things while producing & maintaining a business with her husband Denis.

In 2012 she started Blissful House and began the journey of organizing the lives of others and that unfolded the strategies she now employs in her coaching business.  College students, grandmothers, executives, teenagers…they all listen to Isela, so maybe she’s the voice you need to hear. Oh, and make your bed!


Coaching Summary